‘Protect Our Species’ – Grade 5

Earth Day activities have kicked off in Brainz with Grade 5 students working on a project in-tune with the Earth Day theme for 2019 – Protect Our Species.

The students watched snippets from the movie – One Planet by David Attenborough to understand the delicate balance that in essential to be maintained in an ecosystem for different species to thrive.

This project will see the students work to understand the threats to wildlife around the world and need for different conservation practices to protect our species!

Working together to understand the Wildlife of India, Greenland, Democratic Republic of Congo and Saudi Arabia!


Learners consolidating their findings about the animals of the countries of study in the form of charts and identifying the endangered species and the level of threat.

Learners created informative and eye-catching posters on their assigned animals to promote the conservation of all species on the planet. The poster were made digitally using different applications – Power Point, Word, Tux Paint etc.

Learners participated in a written test to help assess their understanding of the project! 

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