TED-Ed Club @ Brainz

‘What is your passion?’ 

This seemingly simple question is one of the hardest to answer and this is what the members of our TED-Ed Club attempted to find out in today’s session! From Dancing to Taekwando and from Bollywood to Gaming, Congratulations Brainzites on discovering your passion! 
💫What is your passion?💫


‘Healthy Discussion’

‘How can one use machine learning to create a directory of dance steps 🤙? How can data analysis help a budding basketball player ⛹️‍♂️?’ 

Today saw students of the school’s TED-Ed Club discuss these and many more such intriguing questions with our guest speakers from Google and Crisil 🤩. ‘Healthy Discussion’ is one of the key components of learning and creating anything new and students practised the art of giving and analysing constructive feedback to build their ideas for their TED-style talks 💡!

Brainz Edu World’s TED-Ed Club featured in TED-Ed Club’s International Newsletter!

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