Post Office Visit: Grade 1

We have been participating in constructive discussions around education for the 21st century at the India Didac National Conference.
One of the key points brought up by Dr. Arunab (VP, Early Childhood Association India) was that Grade 1 learning should build upon the teaching pattern and concept apporach of kindergarten.
At Brainz we have always believed in creating a smooth transition into formal schooling for our kindgergarteners, which is why, our Grade 1 Brainzites engage in various concept-based experiential learning activites that help them build upon their exisiting knowledge and skills.
One such fun activity is our field visit to the local post office where children get to experience the joy of writing, posting and receiving letters. 💌
The much awaited visit to the post office gave the children a first-hand understanding of how a post office works and the journey of a letter! 🧳

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