Tiny Hands – Big Hearts : Thank you to all Frontline Workers

Wall of Thanks
Click on the image to see in detail the Thank You Hearts made by Brainzites with a message of Cheer for the Frontline Workers and the World!

‘Let’s remember the importance of gratitude. Give thanks not just a day, but everyday of your life.’

Brainzites of all classes got together to thank all our frontline workers for their services to the nation. All these frontline workers are giving in their all daily to help the nation combat the increasing spread of COVID-19. 

We Brainzities salute them all for their strength, dedication and courage and want to send out positivity and cheer each day with a grateful heart.

This is our wall of thanks and cheer and love.

We pray for all those affected by the pandemic and going through loss and suffering. In these difficult times let us support each other and lift each other up.

You can see all artworks in detail on the following link: https://srv2.zoomable.ca/viewer.php?i=img1b98001742a1d99f_FINAL4

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