Halloween Collaborative Story Writing

Explore these spook-tacular tales written by our students of Grades VI – IX as a part of their collaborative story writing activity on the occasion of Halloween 2021!

Grade VII A – That Hallows Eve

That night was full of silence. Clouds of fog covered the sky. Ben was going towards the cave. Jose, Serena and Amy heard its cry. They hoped that Ben was fine. After a long walk, they found a spooky tomb. The tomb was covered with bones and blood dripped everywhere. Their bones were chilled as they heard a rumor that there is a mummy that comes alive on the day of Hallowseve. Amy was going back as she was so scared but Jose and Serena thought that they should move forward and find Ben. Suddenly they found a clue, it was Ben’s shoe. They decided to open the tomb. As they opened the tomb, out came a black cat. A group of bats started to fly around Amy and she fell down. They decided to hurry towards the road and just then they found that a mummy stood in front of them! But what was that behind this all? Another mummy that stood with a snake slithering over it! They thought their life had come to an end. Shivers crept up their back. Blood froze in their veins. A simple joke became a real trouble for them. Ben had to remove his mask as there was an actual mummy creeping besides them. Nothing came to their minds except running. As they were running, they saw a fire. They knew that mummies are scared of fire. So, they took a log of fire and tried to scare the mummy. And lo! the mummy disappeared. After that, they joined the other kids and started collecting tricks and treats from the elders. They could never forget that Hallowseve.

Grade VII B – Mummy See

On Halloween night, as we were passing the St. Peter’s park, the base of the statue started moving and the statue fell on the ground . There was fog and dust all over. And from that rose a blood covered mummy! It that it had been there for many many years.The mummy gave a short yawn like it was roaring.The light was very dim so they could not see it properly but hearing the roaring sound, the brother and sister raced to the party hall. They kept looking back to see that the mummy was not following them. When they reached the party hall they were greeted merrily. By Ben, Serena, Jose and Amy who were their best friends.They were also surprised to see bones, mummies and many people wearing  ghost masks and when they saw the siblings’ shocked faces they laughed so much that Timmy the golden Spaniel started barking. The party was a great success and they went for trick and treat together .It was almost midnight when they got on the way to go to their house. Both the siblings were on their way when they entered the road which faced towards the St Peter’s park when they saw a Mummy slithering on the swings in the Park.They were startled at this view. When the Mummy saw them it came roaring towards them.The siblings ran towards a cave but the mummy reached there too.They cried for help and begged the mummy to spare them. Just then, the clouds above in the sky became dark and the became silent and started laughing .It was a mocking laugh and they saw that the mummy removed its head. and they saw that Ben was dressed in a costume of mummy and from behind came Amy and Jose. The siblings had been successfully pranked.

Happy Halloween!

Grade IX – Explorers

It was a moonless night and Ben was alone in the darkness. Then he saw a mask near a spooky tree. As he was going to fetch the mask he discovered a gigantic cave. Inside the cave he found some bones lying there. As he explored the cave he heard a man laughing. He suddenly noticed some skulls lying behind a rock. While looking at bones and skulls he came across Amy. Amy was a short girl who got frightened upon seeing Ben and so she started screaming. Ben noticed something very strange about Amy. She was covered in white tape and looked very scary. Looking at Amy he just ran back and then he saw the same mask which was on the tree. This time Harias decided to investigate the mask and picked it up. As Ben bent down to pick up the mask, he noticed that there was a tomb behind the rocks and it wasn’t any normal tomb, it was a tomb for Mummies!

When Ben opened the tomb he found himself falling inside it. Suddenly , inside the tomb, the mummy opened its eyes and grabbed Ben by his hand. To his surprise, Ben started crying. He begged the mummy to leave his hand which had started feeling very hot at the spot where the mummy held him. Then Ben took a bone and freed himself and ran out of the cave.

As he was running, trying to catch his breath, he heard children laughing and singing from the cave- “Shadows stretch across the street monsters lurching to TRICK OR TREAT!” And that’s when he realised that he had been tricked on Halloween night.

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