Introducing ‘Brainz Ed – The Robin’

We are proud to present before you Brainz Ed – The Robin – Brainz Edu World School’s Quarterly E-Newsletter.

“It gives me immense pleasure to present before you the inaugural issue of Brainz Edu World’s newsletter – The Robin. A school newsletter is a wonderful platform that connects the students, their family members, educators, and the society. This newsletter shall act as a repository of our students’ creative endeavours, the various school events and activities and the accomplishments and achievements of the school and its students. I am very confident that the inaugural issue of The Robin will be welcomed by our entire community wholeheartedly.”

– Dr. Vibha Goyal, Director, Brainz Group of Schools

We welcome you to enjoy The Robin Issue #1. The Inaugural Issue of The Robin (Jul-Sep ’21) celebrates the spirit of ‘Resilience’. Happy Reading!

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