Giving the right kind of education is probably one of the most significant decisions that parents make on behalf of a child. Brainz Rainbow understands the parents’ concern and is committed to taking the best care of each and every child by knowing minutely the child’s temperament, personality, ability, talent, special needs and the little quirks and foibles that make them unique individuals whom the parents care and worry about so much.

Founded in the year 2003, Brainz Rainbow is the city’s leading play school. Learning at Brainz Rainbow centres around play, free discovery, collaboration and development of essential academic and life skills. Children learnt to communicate, become responsible, and develop confidence. Our focus is on providing children with meaningful and relevant activities to participate in to make learning fun and seamless.

The Pre-K grades play an essential role in developing the qualities of attention span, perseverance, concentration and problem solving. Our Pre-K children indulge in digital play, active play, creative play, social play and free play.

As they grow, they are taught to be more caring, compassionate and empathetic.

Free Play . Imagination . Collaboration .
Development of Essential Academic & Life Skills