Following a holistic approach, early education at Brainz Rainbow strives to develop physical, social, mental and emotional skills of children. Kids are treated as little sprouts and nurtured to grow in the direction they prefer.

The Junior Years

Through creative play, well thought out games and developmentally appropriate Montessori activities, children are equipped to enhance their working memory, focus their attention and acquire self-control. The right mix of care, tacit knowledge and learner-centric teaching at Brainz promotes children’s positive self-image, expressive and interactive skills and develops their thinking. For example, story-telling is a powerful educational technique that educators at Brainz employ regularly to stoke children’s imagination and develop their verbal and cognitive skills.

The Senior Years

The senior years of kindergarten have an increased focus on the development of the child’s cognitive thinking. The school also focuses on preserving indigenous values and developing a healthy respect for the country’s culture.

All throughout these kindergarten years, children engage in learning via art, music and dance. Fun rhymes, dance sessions, quiz activities etc. form an integral part of our school day.