The Robin Issue #2

Greetings to everyone!
As we welcome Brainzites back to campus for the new academic session, the School Editorial Board is proud to present the second issue of The Robin (the school’s quarterly E-Newsletter) aptly titled – ‘A New Hope’!

We are proud to present before you the second issue of the school’s quarterly E-Newsletter: The Robin, developed by the School Editorial Board that includes Kritika Gupta (IX), Mallav Rastogi (X), Manushree Arora (X), Priyanshika Singhal (X), Rashi Pal (X), Riddhi Gupta (X), and Thakur Harjas (IX).

From the Director’s Desk

Hello dear Brainz community!

I write this note to you, with renewed vigour and excitement to welcome you to the New Academic Session 2022-23. We are all set to begin classes for all students in the school campus and have a plethora of wonderful learning opportunities planned for our dear Brainzites! At the outset of the new session, our focus will be on bringing students back to a sense of normalcy and belonging and reorienting them with learning in a physical space in collaboration with their peers.

While doing so, the Brainz management will continue to take all prescribed precautions to keep the campus a safe place for students to come back to. 

I would like to take this opportunity to urge our dear parents to motivate and encourage their wards to participate in all school activities with enthusiasm and to discuss with them once again the importance of following the school guidelines and policies while on campus to make everyone’s learning experience a happy one. 

As always, parents are welcome to reach out to the school either via email or contacting the school office in case of any query. 

I wish you all the very best!

Dr. Vibha Rajiv Goyal
Director, Brainz Edu World

UKG – End of Term Presentation

Our tiny tots of UKG put up a fantastic show of all that they have learned over the course of the past one year 🤩! From appreciating and celebrating the people who help us 🙌 to narrating the unique beauty of each season ☀️, from reciting melodious rhymes 🎵 to showing off some excellent dance moves 🕺, these UKG students have come a long way! Kudos to you dear Brainzites 🥳! We are very proud of you. 🥰.

Member – The Bharat Scouts and Guides

We are very happy to announce that Brainz Edu World is now a member of The Bharat Scouts and Guides (est. 1950), India’s national Scouting and Guiding association and will be offering the program to Brainzites from the new academic session! The mission of the organisation is to develop strong values and life skills in students to help build a better world. We are excited to see Brainzites further grow as capable and conscientious citizens of India and the world!

Exercise Your Right to Vote!

“चुनाव है लोकतंत्र की शक्ति का आधार, मतदान करो, ना करो अपना मत बेकार।”

Our Brainzites from Grade VII are here to appeal to all citizens of Meerut who are 18 and above to exercise their right to vote and make their voice heard! Vote on 10th February.