Brainz Edu World is Meerut’s premiere school with a focus on individual attention. The school is an extension of Brainz Rainbow Group of Schools that has been providing quality education to students since 2003.

Being cosmopolitan in culture, Brainz Edu World embraces the latest international education ideologies like Experiential Learning and STEM approach. This approach ensures that our students are able to excel not just academically or in co-curricular activities but are able to develop the real-world skills of collaboration, communication, curiosity, digital learning, problem-solving, empathy and socio-environmental consciousness. The school’s learner-centric approach ensures that each and every child of each and every class is allowed to grow at their own pace and participates in each and every activity of the school.

The school is affiliated to CBSE Delhi (Aff no: 2133187; School Code: 61263).

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Brainz Group of Schools is the brain child of Mr. Rajiv Goyal. A perfectionist by nature, Mr. Rajiv Goyal has been a very dynamic and multifaceted personality. Gifted with great visionary powers, he has always been imaginative, creative and innovative, working tirelessly to give the best to society.

In his pursuit to impart quality education to children, Mr. Rajiv Goyal founded Brainz Edu World where learning is a continuous journey of exploration and discovery.

The vision of the Brainz Group of School as propounded by Sir is that every child is an empire in themselves and therefore, at Brainz, we strive to provide cultural and intellectual nourishment to today’s young minds and work tirelessly to achieve our motto –

‘Creating the Empires of the Future’


“Teaching is not just transferring knowledge”
– Paulo Freire

At Brainz Edu World, the curriculum signifies not the amount of information that is put into the brain, but is “life-building and character-building”, aiming at assimilating fine ideas. The objectives of the educational programmes here are to nurture and inspire young minds to be globally aware and responsible citizens, to enlarge their mental horizon and broaden their outlook, to inculcate good habits, social manners and etiquette in them. Further, to make total learning experience interesting as well as healthy, physical education, play and mental well-being are an integral part of the school’s curriculum.

Brainz Edu World focuses on creating a healthy, harmonious and happy environment for the children. The system neither imposes upon the child nor does it abandon the child in total free play. The school creates a balanced and supportive environment for the child where he is free but not undisciplined or uncontrolled, where he is under supervision and check, but not suffocated. Every part of the Brainz life is a valuable arena of learning and a sense of balance permeates every aspect of life here. A visitor to the school will observe a spirit of friendliness and a feeling of belonging in a dynamic and supportive environment at the school, as all possible efforts are made by the school to establish a happy, secure, well ordered and an inspiring environment for the children and all other members of the Brainz family to work within.

Developing 21st century skills – collaboration, creativity, and communication – form an integral part of the school’s curriculum. Brainz focuses on integrating meaningful enrichment activities in every subject which range from teaching students story telling like Roald Dahl through a ‘BBC Teach’ workshop to inculcating Microsoft Education resources such as Skype in the Classroom and Flipgrid to develop global perspectives in students and direct their technological resourcefulness in the right direction.

Brainz has always strived to develop a keen sense of socio-environmental consciousness in students and follows an adaptive curriculum plan that responds to the happenings in the world. This means that students are able to take part in activities such as – Nat Geo based workshop on Amazon rainforests, school-wide experiential learning hands-on Earth Day activities such as composting and ocean plastic management, reach the state level of the WWF Wild Wisdom Quiz and develop solar ambassadors with a Global Solar Energy workshop. The aim is to not just sensitise students but also develop an active problem solving mindset in them.

Value-based education forms the essence of learning at Brainz and students are taught to develop empathy. This is not done just through a moral values course, rather it is taught through real life scenarios and examples. Gender equality, impact of bullying and dealing with peer pressure are just some of the topics that are regularly woven into educators’ lesson plans. The school’s ‘show, don’t tell’ approach means that our educators exhibit these values in their interactions with the students and each other as well to enable students to learn by seeing. The school’s focus on developing empathetic global citizens is clear from the fact that our student leaders are selected not on the basis of their academic and co-curricular achievements but on the basis of their behaviour and interaction with all members of the school.

The school follows the NEP guidelines for grades classification. Our K-12 school is divided into: Foundation school (1-2), Preparatory School (3-5), Middle School (6-8), Secondary School (9-10), and Senior Secondary School (11-12) . The different groups follow age-appropriate curriculum patterns to suit the needs of their learners.


The foundation school’s experiential learning program focuses on developing key skills and concepts in the students. With a students-teacher ration of 1:20, the emphasis is on giving keen individual attention to each students to help develop not just their foundational skills but to also understand their interests and help stoke their curiosity. At this stage, the curricula for all subjects is extremely intertwined to focus on conceptual understanding and practical application of what students learn. The foundation school also sees students taking various field trips around the neighbourhood to places like the post office, supermarket and the Gurudwara to gain valuable experiences.
All classroom learning is actively supported by various activities. Dance, art, music and sport are not treated merely as extra-curricular activities – rather they are incorporated in regular classroom learning to make every day a fun-filled experience for the students.


The preparatory school continues to follow the experiential learning approach – with activities becoming even more student-led as subjects such as Social Studies and Science are introduced to students. At this point, students are motivated to become more independent learners and the focus is on developing their academic skills along with a healthy curiosity to explore the concepts being discussed in the class. Project based approach is incorporated to help students apply learning from different subjects to solve a problem. Various activity clubs are also introduced at this level to students that include – Kathak Club, Basketball Club, Debate & Dramatics Club, Music Club, Cricket Club.
Developing international perspectives also forms a key point of education at this level and students are introduced to the world through various activities such as Skype calls with classes from around the world, letter and postcard exchanges with students from around the world and various guest lectures by renowned specialists / museums. Students also take various field trips to places like the Milk Factory, Newspaper Factory, Planetarium and more to supplement their classroom learning.


The middle school sees the students entering a new phase of their academic journey. At this point, the educators’ goal is to make learners independent and develop their creative and critical thinking capacities. Students are encouraged more and more to conduct research and to find solutions based on their understanding, whether it is in their core lessons or through extra activities and projects. Class lessons are based on both and experiential learning and project based approach to ensure complete conceptual understanding.
Field trips continue to provide students with a practical understanding of their classroom learning and students regularly visit different industrial, ecological sites and museums.
The middle school students participate in more long-term international exchange projects such as the Global Read Aloud Project where they are teamed up with classes from around the world for a longer duration. Students correspond with each other on a regular basis to collaborate on different projects and develop a global perspective.
Students also get more deeply invested in their choice of Activity clubs and follow a three year graded course for their choice of activities.
Mental and physical health also form an important part of the students’ learning. Apart from regular physical education classes – opportunities are provided to students to participate in different forms of games – including indigenous games. Regular workshops are conducted on maintaining students’ mental well being and educating them about developing self-respect, empathy, kindness, time management and an healthy outlook towards life.


The Secondary School works in accordance with CBSE guidelines to develop confident students who are able to assess their own interests and passions and work towards developing the same. At the secondary school level, educators work towards developing students’ critical thinking skills by providing them various case studies, open discussion platforms and a framework to apply their learning practically. The lesson approach is experiential in nature and various art-integrated projects are also incorporated to make learning comprehensive.
Mental and physical health also form an important part of the students’ learning. And at this stage, even more importance is laid upon providing students access to various mental health resources and helping them deal with stress, anxiety and develop into confident and healthy adolescents
The school also provides students opportunities to participate in various national and international competitions and teachers provide mentorship to students in their different extra-curricular endeavours.
Career counselling sessions are also organised for students from time to time to help them be better equipped at realising their potential and get a clear and real-world understanding of the plethora of opportunities that are available to them.


The Senior Secondary School works in accordance with CBSE guidelines to work with students towards identifying and working with their passions and goals. At the senior secondary level, educators work to develop student’s deeper understanding of their choice of subjects while providing them with safe spaces to participate in conversations around relevant topics, collaborate on real-word projects, and engage with external organisations towards fulfilling their goals. The lesson approach continues to be experiential and project based with the integration of various art based activities.
Mental and physical health continue to form an important part of the students’ learning. And at this stage, students have access to various resources and a support system that helps them deal with stress and anxiety.
The school also provides students opportunities to participate in various national and international competitions and teachers provide mentorship to students in their different extra-curricular endeavours.
Students have access to an in-school Career Counselling Cell that helps ease and simplify the college admission process and provides students with the right support in applying to their choice of colleges to help realise their potential and dreams.

Every day at Brainz comprises of new learning adventures and fun filled activities.

Students are constantly engaged in participating in various experiential learning activities, healthy competitions, engaging and informative sessions, STEAM explorations and SEL sessions.

The school calendar is packed with age-appropriate activities and experiences that ensure the all round development of each student.


At Brainz learning is a continuous journey of exploration and discovery and this journey is travelled through technology. The organisation is most innovative in its pedagogy and so it makes use of the latest techniques and gadgets in the field of education.  The new campus situated at Kila Road, Meerut is equipped with state-of-the-art educational and sports facilities.

Air conditioned classrooms

Air conditioned and GPS activated transport facility

CCTV secured campus

Experienced teachers with optimum teacher-students ratio

Interactive smart board in every classroom with Tata Class Edge

Full power backup for air conditioners 

State of the art labs

Conventional and digital library

Extensive facilities for outdoor and indoor sports and games

Wide range of extra -curricular activities

What’s Happening at Brainz?