Whether the learning is offline or online, here’s what our Brainzites’ parents have to say!

It’s a great experience with Brainz every year. All teachers are a doing fantastic job.
Commanding of each aspect of learning of each and every subject with videos, worksheets and many more. Teachers focus on each and every child and this is the best thing. My daughter has learned many things from her teachers like speaking with great confidence, dance and art and in learning new things. She has got knowledge of festivals, occasions, special days which her teachers taught her via videos on each and every special day. Thank you so much for encouraging my child in all aspects and making her an extraordinary child at such a small age! Thank you once again!”
Ms. Vandan Tyagi

“We are really grateful for your cooperation and acting as a continuance support system for kids. Brainz is the best school in Meerut. The method of Teaching theoretically and practically is wonderful. Bringing the concept of Individual session for kids has been the best so far as it helps both the parents and kids to check on their practical knowledge. I think the school authorities and teachers are already working on the forefront as warriors during this pandemic. We are grateful!”
– Mr. Navjot Singh

It has been an amazing journey from the start of the session so far. We can see our son becoming independent and responsible each day. He loves his class and his teachers. Teachers are so fair and patient with all the children. They know the in and out of each student of the class. We are very happy with the teacher student ratio. We hope the school maintains the quality education. Emphasizing on each child makes Brainz different from the rest. The weekly personal interactions with the Class Teachers were the best part.”
– Ms. Kriti Bansal

“It’s been a great experience with this school. Practical based learning is one of the aspects that I feel has best at this school. Personality development has been one of the best takeaways for my child.”
– Ms. Pratibha Sharma

“The academic session was a very fun experience. The journey has been amazing with a lot of fun and opportunities. My child was very happy throughout the year to learn different things in such a fun way. My child enjoyed a lot. The methods of teaching and learning are the best part of Brainz. My child is a happy learner!”
– Mr. Reetesh Jain

“It was an awesome experience with all the teachers. I really appreciate their efforts. They were all as family for my son. Everyone was supportive. Thank you to all teachers. The way of teaching is so creative and friendly that it d develops interest in the child. He is becoming little friendly and likes to talk to his teachers!”
– Ms. Supriya Mishra

“I am happy to have my kid studying in Brainz Edu World !! The school has an excellent team of dedicated teachers who are knowledgeable, loving & meticulous!! They have wonderful communication skills & give full attention to each & every child!! The school has latest state of the art technology which is really commendable during these days of COVID crisis!! The best aspect of learning at Brainz is it’s excellent management of every sphere of learning whether it is the daily online educational curriculum or the multifarious activities!! In comparison to other schools of its stature, Brainz online classes cover every subject very well even in such a short span of time. There is no burden on the impressionable & innocent minds of the kids because teachers give ample love, attention & solve all their queries every day before ending the session !! Both parents & kids feel comfortable to communicate with every teacher. Looking forward to have more exciting, fun- filled & excellent relationship with all other teachers in future as well!!”
– Mr. Manoranjan Panday

“The school’s efforts have always been up to date… The teachers are doing an excellent job to make each and every child o their best. My child confidence’s level has improved. In providing online sessions the school is performing quite well. One thing I really like is that they set clear deadlines but allow for some flexibility.”
– Ms. Karishma Rastogi

“Excellent! Whatever knowledge my child has gained is all because of the efforts of such a wonderful staff. My child’s overall development is all because of this school and the hardworking staff. Perfection is the word. Perfect is what this school is. Even though classes were online it never felt that it was online. Apart from academics extra curricular activities are really appreciable.”
– Mr. Prince Saluja

“I am fully satisfied with all the facilities and the way of education provided by Brainz. I also recommend Brainz to all my family and friends. The teachers are cooperative and the most important thing is the topics are cleared in so many ways. So its easy for the child to understand the things better. My daughter has started framing sentences in English and now she likes to read also!
– Ms. Anubha Gupta

“My experience so far with Brainz has been brilliant and have recommended it to many others. Best aspect is student teacher ratio. Two teachers can help kids in better learning at the primary level. Best thing of this academic year is the one-on-one interaction classes which helped students in knowing there teachers and vice versa. Overall it has been a nice experience at Brainz. May you keep up the good work.”
– Ms. Mahima Sondhi

“It is a pleasure to be a part of Brainz family. I thank the almighty and the person who directed and we took admission in Brainz. The efforts made by each member of Brainz family to execute the studies online since Corona was a commendable task and as a team it was very well executed.
My heartiest thanks to teachers for their support at all the times.
Will always be delighted to be a part of the school.”

– Ms. Misha Rawal Kapoor

“My experience is really good with Brainz so far. Teachers do a lot of efforts with each and every child. Their patience and efforts are commendable. Brainz’s best aspect is that they don’t leave any child behind. They make sure all kid’s participate in all the activities.”
– Ms. Shilpa Gera

We are thankful for the continued support of our Brainzites’ families in their journey of learning!