Continuous Professional Development

The Brainz Staff forms the essence of the school. All our well-qualified faculty members are committed to providing education for the 21st century.
Our educator family really is a family and we pride ourselves on providing a safe, warm and fulfilling environment for our staff members, where everyone is working together to constantly try new things and collaborate to provide the best to our students. In order to do this regular training programs and workshops are conducted for the teachers for their continued professional development.

May, June 2021

Project- Based Learning
24th – 25th May 2021

Digital Resourcefulness
27th May 2021
(Using Flipgrid, Quizizz, Padlet)

Salient Features of NEP 2020
5th June 2021

Connecting and Communicating with Parents
9th June 2021

Story Telling in Classroom
16th June 2021

Experiential Learning in Practice
22nd June 2021

Joyful Mathematics
28th June 2021

Fostering Critical and Creative Literacy
9th June 2021

Focusing on Competency Based Education
9th June 2021

Working with Learning Disabilities
24th June 2021

Value Education and its Significance
30th June 2021

Adopting Inclusive Practices
25th June 2021

Addressing Challenges in Post COVID Schooling
26th June 2021

Hindi Bhasha Me Lekhan Tatha Sahitya Srijan
15th June 2021

Health Promoting Schools
15th June 2021