Young Warrior Movement – Session 1

The special Young Warrior Movement workshop sessions organised under Yuwaah and CBSE kicked off today with a fun and thought provoking activity – ‘Writing Acrostic Poetry’. Students from Grades V – X participated in the session and had an engaging discussion on how the pandemic has affected us all and the importance of vaccination. Students enthusiastically participated in trying their hand at a new form of poetry – acrostic poems and exchanged their poems with each other during the session.

Shown below are the poems penned down by the students.

All the best Young Warriors for your future sessions!

Virtual Exchange – Vietnam

Our Grade X students had a wonderful interaction with Vietnamese students from Pathway School. Students participated in a ‘Mystery Skype’ session first where they guessed each other’s countries, exchanged information about each other’s countries – from popular dishes to famous tourist attractions. A fun part of the session was learning how to speak the same phrase in Hindi and Vietnamese and working to get the pronunciation just right!

Cultural exchanges like these promote a healthy appreciation for cultures and people from around the world. It helps develop students’ confidence, expand their horizons and gives them a first hand experience of different cultures.

Founder’s Day Declamation Competition

“There should be separate social media apps for children.”

Students of Grades VIII – X participated in a Declamation Competition where they shared their views on the topic mentioned above. The thoughtfully crafted speeches included both the pros and cons of this statement.

Did they think separate social media apps made only for children would benefit them? Or will they have a negative effect on children? Students explained their views on the virtual platform via Flipgrid.

Anushka Sharma of Grade VIII was adjudged the winner, while Kritika Gupta of Grade X was the runner up.

Winner: Anushka Sharma – Grade VIII
Runner Up: Kritika Gupta – Grade IX

STEAM Sessions – Foundation School

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics or STEAM might seem like a big big concept, but it is a wonderful program for providing an experiential and fun learning experience even at the Foundation School level! Our Grades UKG and I students had the most wonderful time in their first STEAM session learning all about the importance of hand hygiene through experimentation!

Virtual Connect – Romania

Travelling the world sitting in our homes! Our Grade 8 Brainzites had a wonderful interaction session with students from Romania, where they experientially learned concepts of geography, world culture and communication. One fun point of discussion – food!

International Day of Yoga 2021

Yoga for well being! Celebrating the theme of International Yoga Day 2021, Brainzites of all grades participated in guided yoga sessions today.

The session began with meditation followed by Brahmari Pranayam, Netra Lola, Trataka, Vrikshasana, Suryanamaskar and Hasyayoga. The session marked the importance of practising yoga for our physical, mental and spiritual well-being and developing a healthy practice that is even more essential to maintain good health these days.

Simple yoga asana and exercises form a part of the regular routine at Brainz, especially in the foundation school.

Magic Day (Foundation School)

An educator wears multiple hats and today – our Grade UKG – II teachers donned the hat of a magician! To celebrate Magic Day, teachers performed some magic tricks to entertain our Brainzites! The best part? These quick students found out how these magic tricks are done too!