Back to School

The hills are alive with the sound of music!
Happy to have the music of our Brainzites filling the campus again! Following strict safety measures in the school at times and mandatory vaccination for all staff members, offline classes are back for students of Grades IV and up.

YGPT Webinar Workshop

Brainzites of Grades IX & X had a wonderful interaction session with the team from YGPT – Youth for Global Peace and Transformation about realising their dreams and understanding their potential.

Aptly titled ‘Know to Grow’ – the session touched upon some important questions and doubts that take a place of prominence in young students’ minds at this point in their lives.

The session helped students learn to discover themselves, understand their real personality, their likes and dislikes and how to realise their dreams.

It is our effort to provide continued and relevant support and guidance to students of all ages to help them become well-rounded, confident individuals, equipped to effectively face real world challenges.

Artificial Intelligence Workshop

AI is all around us. The most widely used form of AI is called Machine Learning and you probably interact with it every day. In the coming years – AI is set to become a very powerful tool to revolutionise the way the world works!

Keeping this in mind, the school organised a series of special workshop sessions to introduce students to Artificial Intelligence

COVID Myth Busters

Brainzites from Grades V – X are participating in special Yuwaah #YoungWarriorMovement sessions where they’re learning to fight against COVID. Here are some of our young reporters busting the myths about COVID 19.

Virtual Exchange: Israel

Brainzites from Grade VI had a beautiful time interacting with students from Israel. The hour long discussion saw the students asking and answering each others’ questions about the festivals celebrated in the 2 countries. Students from both countries were fascinated by the festivities and were filled with questions to ask of each other.

Such interactions develop a healthy sense of global oneness in students and is a much more efficient manner of teaching students about another culture than any regular teaching aid.

Poetry Week!

“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity.” — William Wordsworth

Brainzites of Grades IV – X had a wonderful time falling in love with poems as the school had a week long celebration of Poetry! The week was full of rhyme, emotion and imaginations! 

Where Grades IV & V understood how to recite a poem and the feelings that a good recitation must convey, Grades VI – VIII put on their thinking and imagination hats to write their very own poems based on the themes of Friendship and Online Classes. Grades IX & X learned how to appreciate a poem and discover and showcase the beauty and nuances of a poem.

Each day of the week started with students listening to new and beautiful poems and we hope that this week ignited a spark in our young Brainzites to fall in love with poetry.

Following are the results of the various competitions held:

Here are few snippets of the work done by students in this week. We are proud of the wonderful work done by all participants!

Aditya Chaudhary V B
Anushka Sharma VIII
Mishka Gupta IV B
Sanskriti Chauhan VII B
Vedanti Rastogi VI B

Young Warrior Movement – Session 1

The special Young Warrior Movement workshop sessions organised under Yuwaah and CBSE kicked off today with a fun and thought provoking activity – ‘Writing Acrostic Poetry’. Students from Grades V – X participated in the session and had an engaging discussion on how the pandemic has affected us all and the importance of vaccination. Students enthusiastically participated in trying their hand at a new form of poetry – acrostic poems and exchanged their poems with each other during the session.

Shown below are the poems penned down by the students.

All the best Young Warriors for your future sessions!

Virtual Exchange – Vietnam

Our Grade X students had a wonderful interaction with Vietnamese students from Pathway School. Students participated in a ‘Mystery Skype’ session first where they guessed each other’s countries, exchanged information about each other’s countries – from popular dishes to famous tourist attractions. A fun part of the session was learning how to speak the same phrase in Hindi and Vietnamese and working to get the pronunciation just right!

Cultural exchanges like these promote a healthy appreciation for cultures and people from around the world. It helps develop students’ confidence, expand their horizons and gives them a first hand experience of different cultures.