Tiny Hands – Big Hearts : Thank you to all Frontline Workers

Wall of Thanks
Click on the image to see in detail the Thank You Hearts made by Brainzites with a message of Cheer for the Frontline Workers and the World!

‘Let’s remember the importance of gratitude. Give thanks not just a day, but everyday of your life.’

Brainzites of all classes got together to thank all our frontline workers for their services to the nation. All these frontline workers are giving in their all daily to help the nation combat the increasing spread of COVID-19. 

We Brainzities salute them all for their strength, dedication and courage and want to send out positivity and cheer each day with a grateful heart.

This is our wall of thanks and cheer and love.

We pray for all those affected by the pandemic and going through loss and suffering. In these difficult times let us support each other and lift each other up.

You can see all artworks in detail on the following link: https://srv2.zoomable.ca/viewer.php?i=img1b98001742a1d99f_FINAL4

From the Director’s Desk 2021-22

Hello dear Brainz community!

I write this note to you at a time when we are all feeling the effects of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope that you and your loved ones are doing well, staying home and practicing proper social distancing and mask-wearing whenever going out. I also pay a heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Brainz family to all those on the front line of this battle – our healthcare workers, the administrators, our police force and all our essential services workers for all that they are doing and the sacrifices they are continuing to make. 

In this period of uncertainty, we must make the time to check in with each other. We are all feeling anxious and stressed these days and it’s important that we connect with our family and friends digitally and keep each other’s spirits up. Now is the time to focus not just on our physical but our mental health as well. Parents should help create a general structure for the students’ day but they should also let them be free to do any activity that they are interested in along with studying. It is especially important to engage children in family bonding activities. 

At this point, I would like to assure you that the online classes are functioning in full swing and each Brainz staff member’s endeavour is to ensure that there is no gap in the students’ learning and growth even during these difficult times. Students should treat the online classes as a fun space to interact with their teachers and friends. 

Keeping the present situation in view, the Unit Test I have been put on hold as of now. Rest assured, this will not affect the students’ learning in any manner. 

As always, students and parents are welcome to reach out to the school either via email or contacting the school office in case of any query. Students are also encouraged to regularly check-in with their Class Teachers in case of any distress. 

We are all in this together. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home!

Dr. Vibha Goyal

Earth Day Celebrations 2021

Happy Earth Day!

Nurturing students to rebuild our planet – this is the most important education! Brainzites are constantly engaged in learning how to live sustainably on the planet by participating in multiple interactive activities and sessions including celebrating Earth Day the entire week last week!
As a Global Schools Program member, Brainz is committed to educating students about the Sustainable Development Goals and becoming responsible global citizens.

British Council – International Dimension Award 2020-2023

“The journey of receiving the ‘British Council International Dimension Award’ was extremely rewarding and educational. As a school, we got access to multiple new international learning platforms and we not only successfully and enthusiastically executed our IDA activities, but also went beyond that and participated in various global programs including the Global Read Aloud program, Microsoft Global Learning Connection and Global Solar Yatra.

As a school, our goal is to teach students experientially and under the ISA program we were able to use this technique to drive global learning for students on topics such as Gender Equality, Global Empathy, Cultural Appreciation and more. This prompted a very enthusiastic response from the entire Brainz team and the parents were also appreciative of these efforts and could recognize the value that these global dimension activities added to their children’s education.

Students came out of this experience with broader mindsets, a deeper appreciation for people and cultures from around the world, and developed sensitivity towards the issues and problems faced by their global peers.

I am confident that continued execution of these activities will greatly benefit our students and help the school fulfil its goal of providing Education for the 21st Century.”

– Taarini Goyal, Curriculum Head

New Year 2021 Wishes

It starts right now, today,
as we are all locked away in our houses,
looking out of our windows at the seasons changing.
In this moment of quiet and isolation,
something that we had forgotten creeps in,
and we start remembering how to live on this planet.

We hope that the new year brings to you light, happiness, health and peace!
The road ahead is still not easy, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!
We wish you all a very Happy New Year 2021! 🌟💖😊