Founder’s Day Celebration 2021

Welcome to Brainz Group of Schools’ Founder’s Day Celebration – celebrated on 9th July, the birth anniversary of our founder – Mr. Rajiv Goyal. With virtual celebrations becoming the norm – we connected with the entire Brainz family virtually!

We believe that our Founder’s Day is unarguably the most important day in the school’s calendar. This occasion gives us a small opportunity to pay our respects to our school’s founder – Sir Mr. Rajiv Goyal. We are  forever indebted to the vision of our founder sir – a great man whose foresight and imagination led to the creation of this institution. This day reminds us of what we believe in and what we aspire to be. 

Here at Brainz, our vision is to prepare and motivate students for a rapidly changing world by instilling in them critical thinking skills, a global perspective and the core values of honesty, loyalty, perseverance and compassion.

This year we have yet again seen the indomitable spirit of Brainzites shine. As the entire Brainz family has embraced the new form of online learning with such enthusiasm and has continued to excel in all the academic and co-curricular fields! 

Our Founder’s Day is a celebration of this indomitable spirit that has been passed on to the entire Brainz family by our Founder Sir Mr Rajiv Goyal.

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